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July Beach School 🐚 🦀

We completed a very successful Beach School programme at Ryde Appley

beach during the summer term. The children were encouraged to consider

their environment and how best to protect our shorelines. Each session

involved a beach clean – identifying what they found and creating some

‘rubbish sculptures’ before safely disposing of everything. We were very sad to

find lots of plastic on our lovely beach.

The children learnt about the Seashore Code - returning animals close to

where they were found, being careful about lifting rocks and leaving attached

seaweed in place. They explored the shoreline and water pools, identifying the

various sea creatures and discovering many baby crabs and jelly fish, whilst

thinking about their habitats. The children collaborated to create their own

beach art, stone towers and made their own little eco-systems. Most importantly the children had lots of fun whilst learning how to respect their

local beach.

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