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What we can offer your school

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Bespoke small group enrichment sessions 

Sessions for up to 6 children including a focus on any of the following:

  • An emphasis on using positive social and emotional support activities that help to build self-esteem and sense of identity

  • Building of resilience and confidence 

  • Understanding a positive growth mindset through a selection of sensory activities 

  • Circle time

  • Social skills games

  • Arts and crafts linking into nature and the world around us

  • Mindfulness activities

  • Outdoor learning in our beautiful surroundings

  • Cookery

1:1 Bespoke sessions 

1:1 Bespoke sessions to support learning in school:

  • Bespoke sessions tailored to the child's individual needs

  • Using nurture or curriculum based activities 

  • Social and emotional support activities 

  • Identifying gaps in knowledge and supporting them to strengthen their understanding, while working at their own pace

  • Building confidence and self esteem

Beach School sessions

Sessions for up to 14 children:

  • Beach school provides a unique learning environment for children to develop their curiosity for the natural world, while supporting their mental and physical wellbeing


See our Beach School page for more information

'The Nurture Cabin has been a great supportive provision for a number of children we have in our school who are unable to manage within the mainstream environment. Their approach is supportive to each individual's needs and they have a wide range of resources that means they can adapt their provision for the specific needs. They are professional in their approach and communicate with us as a school to find out about the child and how best to support them. For those children who have an EHCP, activities and resources and provided to support children's progress in meeting their outcomes. As a school we would recommend The Nurture Cabin as a positive and supportive resource to support a wide range of needs'.

The Bay CE School 

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